Value of CPR Instructor Course

So you want to become a CPR instructor? Before you proceed into seriously applying for it, you must first take a CPR Instructor course. Why? As we all know, to be a CPR Instructor means to pass on knowledge on first aid treatments and to teach the various fundamentals of a CPR program. Why is […]

Security Cameras Value In Nursing Homes

Having security cameras installed in nursing homes is a true debate in our day and age with several points of interest coming to the fore. These include the rights of those being filmed without their consent, including both patients and workers. The other issue has to do with how much of what is being recorded […]

Understanding CPR Saves Seniors

A recent study shows that almost 67 percent of people that use CPR improve the chances of someone living by 64%. That is an amazing increase considering that most people are not in the health care field, and that they have only had minimal training on CPR. There can be no greater feeling than knowing […]